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Can We Save Our Foodways? The Inflation Reduction Act, Climate Change, and Food Justice

This Essay examines USDA programs supported by the Inflation Reduction Act and its approach toward addressing climate change and historical funding inequities for Indigenous and Black Farmers.  It also argues for how the next Farm Bill can expand upon these efforts to further address inequities and promote climate resilience.

17 Apr 2024
Antidiscrimination LawEnvironmental Law


Bankruptcy by Another Name

A recent essay in this Journal critiques bankruptcy for limiting the litigation system’s ability to promote noneconomic public-policy goals. This Response argues that bankruptcy can and does further these public values, and that it is reasonably easy to tweak bankruptcy law to accommodate these goals more effectively. 


16 Apr 2024


Brandeisian Banking

For much of the twentieth century, banking law used an array of carrots and sticks to create a banking system that was both very stable and highly decentralized. This history is key to understanding how banking law has, and could again, serve Brandeisian aims. 


01 Apr 2024
Banking LawAntitrust Law


Property and Sovereignty in America: A History of Title Registries & Jurisdictional Power

What is the source of jurisdictional power, or the power to say what the law is and give it force in a territory? This Article examines how this fundamental attribute of sovereignty historically arose, in America, from property and property institutions, especially the local, mundane, overlooked and bureaucratic title registry.

31 Mar 2024
Legal HistoryProperty


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