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Responses to Unlocking Antitrust Enforcement

Lina Khan, Sandeep Vaheesan, and Aaron Edlin respond to Unlocking Antitrust Enforcement.

04 Jun 2018
Antitrust Law


Unlocking Antitrust Enforcement

There is no antitrust law without antitrust law enforcement. Unlocking Antitrust Enforcement contends that existing tools to advance antitrust enforcement are well-suited to confront today’s U.S. antitrust challenges. Primarily focused on efforts by the federal antitrust agencies, these Features lay the foundation for an overarching enforcement agenda.

24 May 2018
Antitrust Law


The New Law of the Child

This Article sets forth a new paradigm for describing, understanding, and shaping children’s relationship to law. The authors show how the existing legal regime focuses narrowly on state and parental control over children, and they propose a new framework that promotes a broader range of children’s present and future interests.

26 Apr 2018
Family Law


Petitioning and the Making of the Administrative State

This Article traces the roots of the modern administrative state to the petition process, drawing on an original database of over 500,000 petitions submitted to Congress from the Founding until 1950. This institutional history provides a deeper functional and textual understanding of the administrative state within our constitutional framework.

26 Apr 2018
Administrative LawLegal History


Brief Lives

In this Review of Owen Fiss’s book, Pillars of Justice: Lawyers and the Liberal Tradition, Laura Kalman explores Fiss's views on the legal figures appearing in the book. In addition, Kalman discusses the criticisms of Brown v. Board of Education and legal liberalism that are missing in Fiss’s account. 

26 Apr 2018
Legal PhilosophyCivil Rights Law


24 Jan 2018

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