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Administrative Law at a Turning Point

Administrative law faces a critical juncture. Settled doctrines ranging from deference to agency interpretations of statutes to delegations of executive power have been destabilized. And earlier this year, Justice Breyer—himself an administrative-law scholar—retired from the Supreme Court. We publish this Collection as a tribute to his judicial legacy.

21 Nov 2022
Administrative Law


Law and Movements: Clinical Perspectives

As law-school clinics assume a growing role in legal education, instructors, students, and community partners have used clinics to test novel, sometimes radical lawyering approaches. This Collection draws from those experiments, using case studies from family defense, immigration, and worker rights to explore the relationship between law and social movements.

18 Nov 2022
Family LawImmigration Law


Religion and the Public Schools: Reflections on Carson v. Makin

This Collection analyzes the Court’s decision in Carson v. Makin last Term. What does the case mean for minority students? LGBTQ children? How does it connect to the broader movement for public education in the United States? How does it relate to the history of religious schools in our country?

17 Nov 2022
Education LawFirst Amendment


Partisanship, Remedies, and the Rule of Law

The essay responds to Don R. Willett and Aaron Gordon’s Review of The Collapse of Constitutional Remedies.  I show that Willett and Gordon inaccurately describe Collapse’s main argument; offer an internally inconsistent critique; and fail to understand key terms such as judicial independence and the rule of law.

15 Nov 2022
Constitutional LawRemedies


Designing the Postpandemic City

The COVID-19 pandemic forced cities to radically transform in order to survive. This Collection examines the impacts that these measures have had on urban landscapes and assesses how they might inform future policymaking efforts. Its Essays analyze COVID-era policy changes in areas including public space, affordable housing, and infrastructure.

07 Nov 2022
Housing LawInfrastructureLand Use


Election Law and Democratic Renewal

Election law reflects collective efforts to institutionalize democratic precepts such as popular sovereignty, the rule of law, and the basic equality of citizens. However, recent elections have revealed fault lines that threaten these fundamental tenets. In response, this Collection discusses paths forward in the discipline for strengthening democratic accountability.

02 Nov 2022
Election Law


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