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Brett Kavanaugh’s Note

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s student Note in Volume 99 of the Yale Law Journal

10 Jul 2018


A Cooperative Federalism Approach to Shareholder Arbitration

Arbitration has begun to take a new form: mandatory arbitration provisions built into corporate charters and bylaws. The debate about the merits of arbitration is well worn, but its application to shareholder claims opens the door to a different set of responses. This Essay provides one, explaining why the overlapping

09 Jul 2018
FederalismCorporate LawSecurities Law


#MeToo and the Future of Sexual Harassment Law

The #MeToo movement has prompted a national dialogue about sexual harassment. This Companion Collection, launched in collaboration with the Stanford Law Review, aims to draw lessons from the #MeToo movement for activists, scholars, policymakers, lawyers, and judges. Across the two journals, the Collection offers twelve scholars’ insights on the

18 Jun 2018
Antidiscrimination LawCritical Race TheoryGender and Sexual OrientationLabor and Employment Law


Responses to Unlocking Antitrust Enforcement

Lina Khan, Sandeep Vaheesan, and Aaron Edlin respond to Unlocking Antitrust Enforcement.

04 Jun 2018
Antitrust Law


International Lobbying Law

Consultation rules allow nonstate actors to gain special access to international institutions. While consultation once was understood as a means of democratizing international institutions, today, many consultants are industry and trade associations. This Article reframes these rules as a body of lobbying regulations, introducing a theory of international lobbying law.

24 May 2018
International Law


Attorney for the Day: Measuring the Efficacy of In-Court Limited-Scope Representation

Using a unique dataset, this Note studies the impact of limited-scope representation and finds that unbundling legal services is an effective way to combat the civil-litigation justice gap. Based on those results, the Note recommends solutions that will both serve those who lack counsel and respect lawyers’ ethical duties.

24 May 2018
Legal Ethics


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