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Vaccine Licensure in the Public Interest: Lessons from the Development of the U.S. Army Zika Vaccine

This Essay analyzes the recent attempted exclusive licensing deal for a Zika vaccine, which would have hampered the drug’s affordability and availability. Revising the Patent Act to increase transparency and accountability in the licensing process would ultimately result in more affordable vaccines for outbreak diseases like Zika.

15 Jan 2018
Health LawIntellectual Property


YLJ Essay Competition

In 2017, the Yale Law Journal held an essay competition focused on emerging legal problems and challenges in law and technology, broadly conceived. This year’s winners are Alicia Solow-Niederman (Beyond the Privacy Torts: Reinvigorating a Common Law Approach for Data Breaches) and Opeyemi Akanbi (Policing Work Boundaries on the Cloud).

11 Jan 2018


Nurturing Parenthood Through the UPA (2017)

This Response to Douglas Nejaime’s The Nature of Parenthood shows how the recently approved revisions to the Uniform Parentage Act (UPA)—which expand the ways in which a nonbiological parent may establish her or his parentage—address many of the critical gaps in parentage law identified by NeJaime. 

07 Jan 2018
Family Law


Surreply: How and Why We Should Become Un-Stuck!

David Schleicher replies to Naomi Schoenbaum, Sheila Foster, Sara Pratt, and Michelle Wilde Anderson’s Responses to his Volume 127 Article, Stuck!:The Law and Economics of Residential Stagnation.

14 Dec 2017
Local Government Law


The Agency Costs of Equal Treatment Clauses

This Essay explores the agency costs associated with equal treatment clauses, which require all share classes to receive equal consideration in the event of an acquisition. Despite these clauses’ benign appearance, they actually create another hurdle to the sale of a controlled company to the potential detriment of minority shareholders.

04 Dec 2017
Corporate Law


Responses to David Schleicher, Stuck! The Law and Economics of Residential Stagnation

This Collection provides a series of Responses to David Schleicher’s Article, Stuck! The Law and Economics of Residential Stagnation, published in Issue 1. Naomi Schoenbaum, Sheila Foster, Sara Pratt, and Michelle Anderson engage with Schleicher’s central ideas regarding declining interstate mobility.

30 Oct 2017
Local Government Law


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