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The “M” in MLP: A Proposal for Expanding the Roles of Clinicians in Medical-Legal Partnerships

Jesselyn Friley

Medical-legal partnerships (MLPs) are a promising innovation in the delivery of legal services. Usually located in health care facilities, MLPs connect medical patients with lawyers in order to “detect, address and prevent health-harming social conditions” that medicine alone …


Oral Tradition and the Kennewick Man

Cathay Y. N. Smith

In April 2016, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers confirmedthat the ancient human body discovered in 1996 near Kennewick, Washington,often referred to as the “Kennewick Man” or “The Ancient One,” is geneticallyrelated to modern-day Native Americans. Thisconfirmation ended a twenty-year-long struggle b…


Patents, Paradigm Shifts, and Progress in Biomedical Science

Peter Lee

114 Yale L.J. 661 (2004)

This Note applies the concept of paradigm shifts from the history and philosophy of science to describe how patents on biomedical research tools--inputs to basic research--can help advance scientific theory. Patents on research tools frustrate scientific norms of sharing and …