The Yale Law Journal

YLJ Podcast (128:2): Cynthia Estlund on What We Should Do After Work

Cody M. Poplin
04 Mar 2019

The YLJ Podcast returns with its second episode of Volume 128. On this episode, cohosts Cody Poplin and Emily Shire interview Professor Cynthia Estlund about her recently published Article, What Should We Do After Work? Automation and Employment Law, 128 Yale L.J. 254 (2018). Will advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning put vast swaths of the labor force out of work or into fierce competition for the jobs that remain? Or, as in the past, will new jobs absorb workers displaced by automation? The Article argues that these questions have profound implications for the fortress of rights and benefits that has been constructed on the foundation of the employment relationship, and it charts a path for reforming that body of law in the face of justified anxiety and uncertainty about the future effect of automation on jobs. You can listen and subscribe to the YLJ Podcast here.

Previous versions of the YLJ Podcast have existed in some iteration since 2008. You can find past episodes of the Pocket Part Podcast and the YLJ Podcast on our website.