The Yale Law Journal

Yale Law Journal Football Defeats Harvard Law Review, 49-21

Jeff Lee
07 Feb 2010

NEW HAVEN, CT – For the seventh year running, The Yale Law Journal has defeated the Harvard Law Review in the annual flag football tournament between the two publications.  The Journal scored a decisive 49-21 victory against its Cambridge-based counterpart on the Saturday morning of the Harvard-Yale weekend.  Describing the win as a "storied classic," Coach Sam Berger (Projects Editor, '10) was critical in orchestrating the defense of Yale's home field.  Quarterback Ben Taibleson (Editor-in-Chief, '10) was supported by an all-star lineup that featured graduating editors Jim Ligtenberg, Jake Kling, Yaw Anim, Theresa Lee, David Morrell, Aaron Zelinsky, and Scott Hartman.  Ligtenberg (Executive Editor, '10) repeated an impressive performance that gave the momentum to last year's win at Cambridge.

The Journal will go on to Philadelphia in 2010 to face the Harvard Law Review, Pennsylvania Law Review, and Columbia Law Review at the annual Bluebook Invitational, where it will look to repeat last year's blowout performance against all three opponents. 


Above, Yaw Anim (Projects Editor, '10), Ben Taibleson (Editor-in-Chief, '10), and Theresa Lee (Senior Editor, '10) defend the Journal's unassailable record. Click on the images to enlarge.