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Usha Chilukuri
16 May 2012

Recent Media Coverage of YLJ Content

A Yale Law Journal Online essay on the prevalence of "dissentals," or dissents from denial of rehearing en banc, by Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski and James Burnham made a splash in April, with coverage by Above the Law, How Appealing, the Federalist Society’s blog, Laboratorium, Volokh Conspiracy, D.C. Circuit Review, and others.

Election Law Blog highlighted the most recent issue of The Yale Law Journal, which includes an article, several features, and a comment discussing redistricting, the “one person, one vote” principle, and criminal disenfranchisement.

Writing for the New York Times Economix blog, Bruce Bartlett recommended Michael Graetz’s 2002 article, 100 Million Unnecessary Returns: A Fresh Start for the U.S. Tax System, which lays out a radical plan for income tax reform. The New Yorker discussed Sanford Levinson’s seminal 1989 essay, The Embarrassing Second Amendment. The Atlantic strongly recommended James Forman, Jr.’s 2004 article, Juries and Race in the Nineteenth Century. And Slate covered in detail a recent Yale Law Journal Online essay by David Keenan, Deborah Jane Cooper, David Lebowitz, and Tamar Lerer, Why Existing Professional Responsibility Measures Cannot Protect Against Prosecutorial Misconduct.

YLJ Prison Law Writing Contest 

The Yale Law Journal Prison Law Writing Contest has received attention from academics, advocates, and many others. Please follow the Journal on Twitter and Facebook for updates on the contest. 

Alumni News

Two Journal alumni, Nicholas Katzenbach and Judge Louis H. Pollak, passed away this month. Mr. Katzenbach, a former Article Editor of the Journal and a civil rights leader, served in President John F. Kennedy’s Administration and as President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Attorney General. Judge Pollak, a former Editor-in-Chief, served as dean of Yale Law School before his appointment to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Judge Pollack was also a member of the legal team representing the plaintiff in Brown v. Board of Education. We mourn their passing and thank them for their service to the Journal and to the country.

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