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Usha Chilukuri
12 Mar 2012

Recent Media Coverage of YLJ Content

Jonathan Masur's article, Patent Inflation, has attracted interest in policy and technology circles since its publication in the December 2011 issue of The Yale Law Journal. Masur explores the growth in the number of patent applications granted each year and argues that the asymmetric institutional relationship between the Patent and Trademark Office and the Federal Circuit helps explain this trend. Reihan Salam, writing for the National Review Online's domestic policy blog, and Techdirt, a leading technology blog, have both highlighted Masur's contribution to the debate over the proper scope of patentability.

Nathan S. Chapman and Michael W. McConnell's forthcoming essay, Due Process as Separation of Powers, which challenges efforts to justify substantive due process using originalist reasoning, is already receiving attention from commentators. Legal Theory Blog describes it as "[h]ighly recommended," and Originalism Blog opines that the essay is "destined to be immensely influential, perhaps the most important originalist article of 2012." A draft of the essay is available on SSRN.

Alumni News

alumnus Jesse Furman '98, a Volume 107 Executive Editor, was recently elevated to the bench as a judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. We congratulate him on his new role.

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