The Yale Law Journal

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed Previews Note To Be Published in Volume 126

Nathan Nash
23 Oct 2016

In a recent op-ed published in the Los Angeles Times, Sarah Golabek-Goldman discusses her proposal to reduce discrimination against homeless individuals through a combination of policy advocacy, legislative reform, and affirmative litigation. The full proposal is described in the forthcoming Note in the Yale Law Journal, Ban the Address: Combating Employment Discrimination Against the Homeless.

The Note’s proposals are grounded in findings from Golabek-Goldman’s original interviews with homeless individuals and employment specialists from across the country. In the Note, Golabek-Goldman proposes a “Ban the Address” campaign that draws on the successes of Ban the Box campaigns and urges policymakers to advocate for Homeless Person’s Bills of Rights. The Note demonstrates how this “Ban the Address” campaign would build on new and existing legal frameworks to protect homeless individuals against employment discrimination. Additionally, the Note explains how reducing employment discrimination would strengthen other initiatives designed to address homelessness, including Housing First programs.