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Responses to Leo E. Strine, Jr., Who Bleeds When the Wolves Bite?

26 Apr 2017

This collection is a response to Judge Strine’s Feature published in Issue 6.


Their Bark Is Bigger Than Their Bite: An Essay on Who Bleeds When the Wolves Bite

Jonathan Macey

Delaware Chief Justice Leo Strine is of the view that America is in terrible shape. Specifically, he identifies deep problems in the fabric of American society, which include “growing income inequality, inflated executive pay, job losses, [and] wage stagnation.” Having noted these problems, Strine l…


Hedge Fund Activism, Short-Termism, and a New Paradigm of Corporate Governance

Steven A. Rosenblum

Chief Justice Strine’s important article, Who Bleeds When the Wolves Bite?, brings a much-needed perspective to the modern corporate governance debate. Chief Justice Strine looks at the corporate governance world through the lens of what he calls the “human investors,” i.e., the ordinary individuals…