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Reactions to L. Song Richardson, Systemic Triage: Implicit Racial Bias in the Criminal Courtroom

31 Jan 2017

This collection is a response to L. Song Richardson’s Book Review in Issue 3 entitled Systemic Triage: Implicit Racial Bias in the Criminal Courtroom


Community Policing as a Counter to Bias in Policing: A Personal Perspective

Dr. Cedric L. Alexander

Some forty years ago, I was a very young black man living in the Florida panhandle. My dream was to get into law enforcement, but I first needed to get into the state academy, which required the endorsement of a Florida police executive. The chief of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical Universit…


The Implicit Racial Bias in Sentencing: The Next Frontier

Mark W. Bennett

A prominent life scientist recently declared that the Higgs boson particle, the Internet, and implicit bias are the three most important discoveries of the past half-century. In President Obama’s commencement address at Howard University last year, Obama stated: “And we knew . . . that even the good…


Systemic Implicit Bias

Justin D. Levinson & Robert J. Smith

Legal discourse on implicit bias has changed the way scholars and citizens think about race in the justice system. Ever-growing scholarship, much of it empirical, has identified, confronted, and sought to address how implicit bias operates in nearly every criminal justice context— especially in poli…