The Yale Law Journal

April 2017

In Memoriam: Justice Antonin Scalia

17 Apr 2017


A Tribute to Justice Antonin Scalia

Justice Clarence Thomas

I was blessed to have had Antonin Scalia as a colleague and as a dear friend. I did not know Nino when I joined the Court in 1991, and we certainly made an unlikely pair: a northerner from a house of educators, and a southerner from a house of almost no formal education. “Friendship,” h…


A Tribute to Justice Scalia

Justice Samuel Alito

For those of us who had the privilege of knowing Nino, as we called him, what will come to mind first are his human qualities. He was a delightful friend and colleague. He had a big personality; I think he filled every room he entered. He was charming, engaging, voluble, learned, witty, …


A Tribute to Justice Scalia

Justice Sonia Sotomayor

I am proud to name myself one of the seventeen Justices lucky enough to have served with Justice Scalia during his tenure with the Court. Much has been said these past few months about the mark he has left on our Court and on our country. Pages have been written of the contribution he made t…


Scalia, J., Dissenting: A Fragment on Religion

Stephen L. Carter

[Author’s Note This unpublished opinion was supposedly found among the papers of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. I cannot say with authority that the supposition is true. Whatever its source, the opinion is plainly a draft. The argument contains certain doctrinal inconsistencies, and the …


The Real Justice Scalia

Christine Jolls

Ronald Dworkin wrote in his final book, Justice for Hedgehogs: We value great art most fundamentally . . . because it embodies a performance, a rising to artistic challenge. We value human lives well lived not for the completed narrative, as if fiction would do as well, but because the…