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A Tribute to Charles Reich

16 Mar 2020
Administrative Law

Charles Reich—a beloved law professor, writer, and visionary—passed away on June 15, 2019. This Collection explores his rich life and legacy in the law and shares some of his unfinished, previously unpublished work.


Introduction to the Collection

Guido Calabresi

Most people in the mid-1960s thought the world was fine and headed in a comfortably liberal and unified direction. Charles Reich saw it differently. 


Charles Reich's Unfinished Work

Douglas A. Kysar

Charles Reich never wavered in his conviction that true freedom must—and can—come from individuals working together. In two previously unpublished book proposals, Reich places ideas about nature at the heart of his analysis of the political economy. Although shared in 2008, they still carry an eerie…


The Individual Sector: A Book Proposal

Charles A. Reich




The Rise of Lawless Power: A Book Proposal

Charles A. Reich




Constituting Security and Fairness: Reflecting on Charles Reich’s Imagination and Impact

Judith Resnik

Charles Reich had remarkable insights into social structures, economic power, and human needs. His scholarship created bedrock principles of constitutional, administrative, and property law, and his insights have shaped statutes, regulations, the environmental movement, and people’s lives. 


Charles Reich’s Unruly Administrative State

Kali Murray

This Essay considers Charles Reich’s impact on three areas of “microlevel” administrative law. Reich analyzed how individuals experiences are shaped by certain “spaces” of the administrative state, revealed the diverse constitutional regimes that affect individuals encounters with the state, and s…