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Richard A. Epstein


Returning to Common-Law Principles of Insider Trading After United States v. Newman

Richard A. Epstein

Spurred on by the recent Second Circuit decision in United States v. Newman, this Feature examines the proper scope of the prohibition against insider trading under the securities laws. It argues that in some instances the law does not reach far enough, while in other instances t…


Beware of Prods and Pleas: A Defense of the Conventional Views on Tort and Administrative Law in the Context of Global Warming

Richard A. Epstein

**This is the first in a series of responses to Benjamin Ewing and Douglas A. Kysar's recent article, Prods and Pleas: Limited Government in an Era of Unlimited Harm, which appeared in the November issue of YLJ.**

In Prods and Pleas, Benjamin Ewing and Douglas Kysar claim that the American legal sy…