The Yale Law Journal

Nicholas M. McLean


Financial Hardship and the Excessive Fines Clause: Assessing the Severity of Property Forfeitures After Timbs

Beth A. Colgan & Nicholas M. McLean

This Essay sketches the outlines of a forfeitures jurisprudence under the Eighth Amendment’s Excessive Fines Clause in which the effect of property deprivations on individuals and their families—in particular, the infliction of financial hardship—is a core criterion in assessing a forfeiture’s sever…


Intersystemic Statutory Interpretation in Transnational Litigation

Nicholas M. McLean

122 Yale L.J. 303 (2012).


Cross-National Patterns in FCPA Enforcement

Nicholas M. McLean

121 Yale L.J. 1970 (2012).

This Note undertakes an empirical examination of U.S. enforcement actions under
the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in order to explore the cross-national patterns
associated with the United States’ international antibribery enforcement. I investigate a number
of possible…