The Yale Law Journal

Mitu Gulati


Navassa: Property, Sovereignty, and the Law of the Territories

Joseph Blocher & Mitu Gulati

The U.S. acquired its first overseas territory—the island of Navassa, near Haiti—by conceptualizing it as property, rather than a piece of sovereign territory. The story of Navassa shows how the concept of property is central to the law of the territories—and, perhaps, a useful tool going forward.


The Law and Economics of Critical Race Theory

Devon W. Carbado & Mitu Gulati

112 Yale L.J. 1757 (2003)

Our story is about the production and consumption of racial prototypes. The regulatory thrust of homogeneity creates both a demand for, and a supply of, specific racial prototypes--outsiders who can fit within predominantly white workplace cultures without "disturb[ing] the …