The Yale Law Journal

Michael C. Dorf


“Early-Bird Special” Indeed!: Why the Tax Anti-Injunction Act Permits the Present Challenges to the Minimum Coverage Provision

Michael C. Dorf & Neil S. Siegel

In view of the billions of dollars and enormous effort that might otherwise be wasted, the public interest will be best served if the Supreme Court of the United States reaches the merits of the present challenges to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) during its October 2011 Term. …


The Coherentism of Democracy and Distrust

Michael C. Dorf

114 Yale L.J. 1237 (2005)

John Hart Ely's justly celebrated Democracy and Distrust aims to reconcile judicial review with the fundamentally democratic character of the American Constitution. Yet taken at face value, the book does not establish that the American Constitution is fundamentally democrati…