The Yale Law Journal

Kate Huddleston


Nationwide Injunctions: Venue Considerations

Kate Huddleston

A criticism of nationwide injunctions is that they engender forum shopping, with litigants seeking out a court more likely to be favorable to them in order to obtain sweeping relief. This picture, though, oversimplifies the relationship between venue and the scope of injunctive relief, particularly …


Border Checkpoints and Substantive Due Process: Abortion Rights in the Border Zone

Kate Huddleston

This Note assesses the constitutionality of Texas House Bill 2 (H.B. 2), which regulates abortion providers, as applied to clinics located in the area between the state’s border with Mexico and internal federal immigration checkpoints. Should these statutory provisions go into …


Federal Sentencing Error as Loss of Chance

Kate Huddleston

In July 2010, a federal district court sentenced DeAngelo Whiteside to seventeen years and six months in prison for a drug offense.1 Under Fourth Circuit precedent, Mr. Whiteside’s two prior state drug convictions triggered application of the Federal Sentencing G…