The Yale Law Journal

Jacob M. Victor


Garcia v. Google and a "Related Rights" Alternative to Copyright in Acting Performances

Jacob M. Victor

A recent Ninth Circuit case, Garcia v. Google, held that an actor can maintain a copyright interest in her acting performance in a film—independent of the copyright held by the filmmaker—and that this copyright can sometimes be sufficiently powerful to allow the actor to prevent public di…


The EU General Data Protection Regulation: Toward a Property Regime for Protecting Data Privacy

Jacob M. Victor

The European Union recently released draft legislation that has the potential to transform EU data privacy law. The draft General Data Protection Regulation (“draft Regulation”) proposes a range of new individual rights designed to protect consumers whose personal information is collected, p…


Regulating Sexual Orientation Change Efforts: The California Approach, Its Limitations, and Potential Alternatives

Jacob M. Victor

California recently became the first state to ban licensed psychotherapists from engaging in “sexual orientation change efforts” (SOCE)—also known as conversion therapy—with a minor. This Note argues that, despite the legislation’s laudable goals, California’s regulatory …