The Yale Law Journal

Fiona Scott Morton


Introduction: Unlocking Antitrust Enforcement

Jonathan B. Baker, Jonathan Sallet & Fiona Scott Morton


Horizontal Shareholding and Antitrust Policy

Fiona Scott Morton & Herbert Hovenkamp

Horizontal shareholding occurs when a number of equity funds own shares of competitors operating in a concentrated product market. This Feature considers how antitrust laws might be applied to this: identifying a theory of harm and how it matches the law, as well as potential litigation hurdles.


Antitrust Enforcement Against Platform MFNs

Jonathan B. Baker & Fiona Scott Morton

Antitrust enforcement against anticompetitive platform most favored nations (MFN) provisions can protect competition in online markets, including hotel and transportation bookings, digital goods, or craft products. This Feature discusses how enforcement could reach anticompetitive platform MFNs.