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David Schleicher


Surreply: How and Why We Should Become Un-Stuck!

David Schleicher

David Schleicher replies to Naomi Schoenbaum, Sheila Foster, Sara Pratt, and Michelle Wilde Anderson’s Responses to his Volume 127 Article, Stuck!:The Law and Economics of Residential Stagnation.


Stuck! The Law and Economics of Residential Stagnation

David Schleicher

America has become a nation of homebodies. This Article advances two central claims. First, declining interstate mobility rates create problems for federal macroeconomic policymaking. Second, the Article argues that governments, mostly at the state and local levels, have created a huge number of leg…


City Unplanning

David Schleicher

122 Yale L.J. 1670 (2013).

Generations of scholarship on the political economy of land use have tried to explain a world in which tony suburbs use zoning to keep out development but big cities allow untrammeled growth because of the political influence of developers. But as demand to live in them has…


Districting for a Low-Information Electorate

Christopher S. Elmendorf & David Schleicher

121 Yale L.J. 1846 (2012).

Most commentary on redistricting is concerned with fairness to groups, be they
racial, political, or geographic. This Essay highlights another facet of the redistricting problem:
how the configuration of districts affects the ability of low-information voters to secure