The Yale Law Journal

Danielle Lang


A Post-Shelby Strategy: Exposing Discriminatory Intent in Voting Rights Litigation

Danielle Lang & J. Gerald Hebert

In the wake of Shelby County, voting rights lawyers have pushed to hold jurisdictions fully accountable for their actions by proving claims of intentional discrimination under Section 3 of the VRA. This Essay explores the importance of this strategic move in the latest generation of voting rights ca…


Padilla v. Kentucky: The Effect of Plea Colloquy Warnings on Defendants’ Ability To Bring Successful Padilla Claims

Danielle M. Lang

121 Yale L.J. 944 (2012).


In Padilla v. Kentucky, the Supreme Court held that a lawyer’s failure to advise her noncitizen client of the deportation consequences of a guilty plea constitutes deficient performance of counsel in violation of a defendant’s Sixth Amendment rights. In the plea conte…