The Yale Law Journal

Adam S. Zimmerman


Ghostwriting Federalism

Adam S. Zimmerman

Drawing on interviews and historical accounts, this Article explains how federal agencies help states write legislation. Even as the Supreme Court has curtailed administrative power in the name of federalism, this Article shows how agency collaborations with statehouses may further values associated…


Against Bankruptcy: Public Litigation Values Versus the Endless Quest for Global Peace in Mass Litigation

Abbe R. Gluck, Elizabeth Chamblee Burch & Adam S. Zimmerman

For the first time in years, in the Purdue Pharma opioids litigation, the Court is reviewing an unorthodox bankruptcy maneuver aimed at securing global settlement. This Essay critiques corporate defendants’ increasingly common turn to bankruptcy to shut down, or avoid altogether, complex civil litig…


Inside the Agency Class Action

Michael Sant'Ambrogio & Adam S. Zimmerman

Federal agencies in the United States hear almost twice as many cases each year as all the federal courts. But agencies routinely avoid using tools that courts rely on to efficiently resolve large groups of claims: class actions and other complex litigation procedures. As a re…