The Yale Law Journal

April 2016

Volume 125, Issue 6


27 Apr 2016

The Fourth Amendment in the Information Age

Robert S. Litt
11 Apr 2016

Contract and (Tribal) Jurisdiction

Matthew L.M. Fletcher


A Conversation on Title IX

Features and Essays inspired by the Journal's Conversation on Title IX, hosted at the Yale Law School in September 2015.


Emerging Technologies in Investigations

Novel technologies shift the costs of government investigations. They alter who controls key bottlenecks in the flow of targeted information. And they can undermine existing accountability mechanisms that control for investigator error and abuse. This panel of three essays advocates for greater transparency about the use of emerging technologies in search, surveillance, and forensic investigations. The authors explore different transparency-enhancing mechanisms, from private enforcement through constitutional litigation, to international human rights law, to courts’ evidentiary rules.

03 Mar 2016

Open Source Evidence on Trial

Keith Hiatt
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