The Yale Law Journal

January 2016

Volume 125, Issue 3




Reactions to Time-In-Cell: The ASCA-Liman 2014 National Survey of Administrative Segregation in Prison

These essays respond to Time-In-Cell, a report based on research jointly sponsored by the Association of State Correctional Administrators (ASCA) and by the Arthur Liman Public Interest Program at Yale Law School. For more information on the release of the report, please click here.

15 Jan 2016

Time-In-Cell: Isolation and Incarceration

Judith Resnik, Sarah Baumgartel & Johanna Kalb
15 Jan 2016

Only Once I Thought About Suicide

Reginald Dwayne Betts
15 Jan 2016

Worse than Death

Alex Kozinski
15 Jan 2016

Time-In-Cell: A Practitioner's Perspective

Ashbel T. ("A.T.") Wall
09 Nov 2015

Bounds in Bank Regulation

Sung Eun (Summer) Kim
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